“Whynot Dance Company” under the Artistic Direction of Lisa Tyrrell  are back with their new production, ”Silver Linings”.  A Showcase with an array of Lyrical and Percussive Jazz choreography, performed by 9 Dancers and songs sung by 4 singers.  With music ranging from Daft Punk to Etta James, this is a feel good show that will have you jumping out of your seats and wanting to join in.


I was at the Mill Theatre in Dundrum last night to see a show performed by Whynot Dance Company and devised by Artistic Director Lisa Tyrrell. I know people regularly use words like “awesome” and “stunning” to the point that they have had their meaning and impact completely diluted so I won’t use them. Sometimes dance is for dance sake – a demonstration of skill. But when you can make an audience laugh hysterically…(seriously), cheer spontaneously at a “catch”, create sniffles of emotion, look forward to what’s coming next and wish one had a Skybox rewind facility; then you get some idea of how fantastic the night was. Every person on the stage, including some fine singers, gave performances that were way beyond the stuff we see on TV and showed us the true meaning of creativity and synergy. The one negative was that there were only two performances. Paul Timon, Photographer


“Silver Linings” was a great show and very entertaining, Carmel Dunne.  

I saw the show “Silver Linings” on Friday 19th April in Dundrum. It was wonderful to see a show where the dancers looked so happy and enthusiastic in what they were doing, their joy was contagious and it was over way too soon. This show appeals to all due to the wonderful combination of music and dance and my one regret was not bringing my children who would have thoroughly enjoyed it, NBMeurou.


I don’t usually go to dance shows, but the recent production of “Silver Linings” by Whynot Dance Company at the Mill Theatre in Dundrum has totally converted me. I’ll never miss another opportunity to see these amazing dancers rip it up. My only worry is that I’ll get so carried away I’ll end up running onto the stage to join in!




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