Whynot Dance Company Children’s Ballet School

Whynot Dance Company Children’s Ballet School 

Suncroft Community Complex, Suncroft, Co. Kildare

Returning to the outdoors:
Term 1:   Thursday 29th April to Thursday 15th July 2021:
Class 1:  3.30 pm to 4.30 pm – 3 yrs to 6 yrs
Class 2:  4.30 pm to 5.30 pm – 7 yrs to 9 + yrs

Students have the opportunity to study the fundamental basics of Ballet.  They will learn about musicality, rhythm and using their imagination through the art of dance.

Artistic Director Lisa Tyrrell has over 20 years experience in the dance industry, she is Garda Vetted, a member of the Teaching Council and a fully registered and qualified Teacher with the ISTD, Modern Theatre & Imperial Ballet FDI, CDE, DDI, DDE, NCEHS, The Irish Dance Board, Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Zumba Instructor

Children will have the option to train for their Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing exams and Irish Board Dance Exams and take part in performances with WNDC

Dear Parents

Going forward changes have been implemented to aid in the safe reopening of Whynot Dance Company and for the safety of the children, these changes will remain in place until further notice

Please observe our Covid 19 Protocols at all times:

Arrival to the studio: Please line up along the wall facing the car park, there will be marked painted lines on the path 2 metres social distancing.  Each Parent/Guardian will be handed a checklist form to fill out for each child before every class every week.  There will be two trays, one for clean pens to be used to fill out the form, once finished please place the used pen in the used pen basket (all baskets are labelled) as they will be sterilised for use the following week and so on

Checklist Forms: Must be filled out prior to child taking class, failure to do so will result in refusal to enter the studio to take their class

Drop offs: will now take place outside the building in the car park at the fire exit door nearest the playground, Parent’s will not be allowed inside the building to wait.

Hand sanitiser: will be available on arrival before, during and after class, stations have been placed throughout the centre and I will have a hand sanitizer station on entry into the studio

Temperature Checks: Each student will have their temperature checked with a non contact thermometer

Face Masks: Students are welcome to wear face masks if they wish.  I won’t were a face mask because the children will need to see my face while I teach however I will be wearing a face shield/Pfizer

Marked floor areas:
will be permanently in place for the children to stand on so as to adhere to 2 metres social distancing (I got fun floor marking’s made so that the children will get a kick out of them)

Pods: each class will operate using two pods, the children will be assigned to their pod and must stay with their pod group for the duration of the class

Bathroom Facilities: are available but also best for the children to arrive prepared and in uniform

Personal Belongings: The children’s coats and shoes will be placed 2 metres apart around the studio by the walls, I will assign them their own little area and if they can use a bag for their shoes and bottle of water that would be a great help (please make sure they are able to open their own water bottles)

There will be a 15 minute turnaround
between classes which allows parents time

To pick up their children and to leave the area before the next group arrives

We will require parents/guardians to be extra mindful of drop off/pick up times as we want to avoid any crossover between classes.  If you get delayed I will keep your children inside the studio with me, when you arrive ring my phone and I will bring them out to you

Payments: Going forward online payments would be preferred however if this is not an option I will have a mini basket for the children to place the envelope in, please make sure full name of child/children is written on the envelope.

Bank Details:

Business account
Whynot Dance Company

IE 40 AIBK 9332 3648 573 016
Fee €100 or option B two €50 payments in week 1 and week 6
Your full name so l recognise whom payment is from
Once received l will email confirmation

Pick up’s: will now take place outside the building in the car park, parent’s will not be allowed inside the building to wait, pick up’s will be from the fire exit door at the pitch end.  When collecting your child I will call out the child’s name and then may I ask the parent/guardian to raise your hand and I will direct the child to you so as to avoid crowding and close contact around the exit door

Payment options:
Option A
12 week term €100
Full fee to be paid on day 1 of term (€100)


Option B
50% of term fee to be paid on day 1 of term (€50) & final 50% of term fee to be paid on week 6 of term (€50)

Reminders will be sent out
Sibling discount €5 for additional siblings
Preferred method of payment is online however if this is not possible please place money in envelope with child’s full name on it

Payment Options:

Option A:
If you wish to pay for the full term, payment can be made on the first day of the term
Option B:
If you wish to pay in two part payments, 50% of the fee must be paid on the first day of the term and the final 50% of the fee must be paid halfway through the term
Exams: (Optional)
During exam year exams take place normally one day during Feb/March?April/May
Exam fees are separate and are set by the examinations body
The following uniform is for ages 3 yrs to 5 years:
Uniform One:
Aqua leotard with skirt attached €25
Pink Ballet socks (for exams) €2.50
Pink Ballet tights (for class) €10
Pink Ballet shoes €18
White knit Ballet wrap (optional) €14
Whynot Dance Company T-shirt (optional) €10
The following uniform is for ages 6 yrs to 14 + years:
Uniform Two:
Maroon bright leotard & belt €28
Maroon skirt €15.50
Pink Ballet socks (for exams) €2.50
Pink Ballet tights (for class) €10
Pink Ballet shoes €18 or €20 (depending on size)
White knit Ballet wrap (optional) €14
Whynot Dance Company T-shirt (optional) €10
Boys Uniform:
White fitted capped sleeved T-Shirt
Black shorts/Legging’s
White or black ballet socks
White or black leather ballet shoes with elastics
Uniform orders may be placed through me directly

For safety reasons it is compulsory to dance in the correct footwear at all times 
When emailing me with your order please list sizes you wish to order.
Those wishing to pay for uniforms online please see bank details below:
Business Account
Whynot Dance Company
IE 40 AIBK 93323 648 573 016

Reference – your child’s full name so I recognize whom payment is from
I will email you confirmation once payment is received and follow through with uniform order
I will then distribute uniforms
Payment may also be made by cash or cheques made payable to Whynot Dance Company but I would be very grateful that if you are paying at the desk that you have correct amount in an envelope with your child’s name written on the envelope

Sizing Chart:

Uniform One:
Sizes of Aqua Leotard with skirt attached:
Size 1 = 2 – 4 years
Size 1b = 4 – 6 years
Size 2 = 6 – 7 years
Size 3A = 8 – 10 years
Sizes of Pink Ballet Socks: Ballet tights: S/M M/L
Petite = 6 – 8-5 child
Small = 9 – 12 child
Medium = 12.5 – 3.5 UK size
Large = 4 – 7 UK size

Uniform Two:
Sizes of Mulberry Leotard:
Size 1b = 4 years – 6 years
Size 2 = 6 years – 7 years
Size 3a = 8 years – 12 years
Size 4 = 12 years – 14 years
Sizes of Mulberry Skirt:
S/M = 13.75 inch waist
L/XL = 15.25 inch waist
Sizes of Pink Ballet Socks: Ballet tight: S/M M/L
Petite = 6 – 8-5 child
Small = 9 – 12 child
Medium = 12.5 – 3.5 UK size
Large = 4 – 7 UK size
Sizes of White Wraps: (optional)
26” = 3 year – 4 years
28” = 5 year – 6 years
30” = 8 years – 9 years
32” = 9 years – 11 years
34” = 11 years – 13 years
36” = 13 years – 16 years
38” = 16 +
Sizes of Whynot Dance Company T-shirts: (optional)
3 years – 4 years
5 years – 6 years
7 years – 8 years
If any doubts on orders please don’t hesitate to contact me directly by email whynotdancecompany@gmail.com

If you wish to register your children for classes please email me with the following details:

Name and age of child

The starting age for all classes is 3 years and children must be potty trained

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information

Thank you

Miss Lisa




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